Whole Life Discipleship

Breaking down the sacred/secular divide

What is Whole Life Discipleship?

Whole Life Discipleship is about exploring as individuals and communities the depth and breadth of Jesus’ call to ‘Come, Follow Me’. Far too often, we can limit our discipleship to the few hours we spend in Church each week, and miss the opportunity and responsibility we have to follow Jesus in our work, homes and families

The underlying theology behind this is that our Creator Lord is interested in every aspect of our lives and wants us to enjoy and share abundant life. This life involves the full expression of who we are through art, music, food, celebration and sport as well as worship, prayer and the study of the scriptures. Whole life discipleship is presented as

      • a scriptural imperative;
      • a pastoral imperative;
      • a mission imperative.

Whole life discipleship breaks down the sacred/secular divide by encouraging and equipping Christians to engage with the personal, social, economic, political and cultural issues that impact upon day to day life in God’s world.

The Enabling Mission team continues to enjoy a fruitful relationship with LICC and we remain grateful for access to many of their resources

Birmingham Citadel Story

Watch the video to discover the story of Birmingham Citadel’s journey with Whole Life Discipleship. Across all ages and all cultures, the corps was impacted and transformed as they together explored what it looked like to live as disciples of Jesus at home, work and in their communities.

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