Timetable for Pioneer Gathering 2019

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Pioneer Gathering 2019

Dear Friends its now less than 10 days until we meet in Swanwick for the 2019 Pioneer Gathering, Passionate Believers, Daring Dreamers. We are confident this is going to be a significant event for the Territory and also that God will graciously bless us with His presence. Thats certainly our prayer, and we would ask that you would join us in praying this into a reality.

Please find attached a hard copy of the timetable. As we have said previously as much as we are able we are going to try and make this a paperless event. Timetables will also be on your lanyards but there will be no printed booklets etc with these in. For those who use smart phones or ipads the QR code is also attached. You will also be able to find information placed on the following links: