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Godly Play has been arranged with Joy land home girls at Race Course (Jilani Park). The girls were very much excited to have different kind of outdoor activity. At first Children Ministry Coordinator asked them to walk around the park to observe the things which can convince them to praise, thank and worship God. When children came back Godly Play story was ready to present girls were amazed that what’s going on. The story of creation begun & every girl converse about their experience of story & the days God made for them even before their birth. They talked what are the things been made during different days and how they are thankful about the nature they have. In a response time girls made a different painting, drawings, few prayed and read Bible.

Impact Story 

I am Mehwish Aslem I am the student of 5th class. I have got an opportunity to join Godly Play on 21 January 2017 in the Jilani Park. It was my first experience to look at the story in a different way. I heard a story of Ordinary & Good Shepherd. I heard that how Good Shepherd cares his sheep, take them to clean water, good grass and save them if they pass through danger. Sheep know their shepherd & recognize his voice. On the other hand, shepherd also know the names of his sheep. Good shepherd save them if wolf attack on them. I personally felt that if Satan attacks on us our good shepherd Jesus saves us from every danger & temptation. I am thankful to the God to experience Godly Play.

 Impact Story

 My Name is Amon. I read in class 7th.  I was blessed to participate in the Godly Play Story of Creation. I personally learnt that God has created this world in a very organized way. In 7 days God created different things for us, Light, space, earth, plants, sun, moon, stars, birds, fishes and human beings. Last day God rested I personally liked the 7th day God created for me to worship Him, to rest, to play. This story draw my attention toward discipline. God is disciplined, organized and planned. We should learn to do everything in an organized way.

Godly Play Impact Stories of the Shiloh Boys Home

My name is Sharoon. I am residing in Shiloh home. I have got an opportunity to participate in the story of Godly Play the story was about “creation”. During listening story, I have realized that God has blessed me with this beautiful universe. There are many things around me which convince me to worship & praise Him. I should never forget the blessings he has showered upon me.

I am highly thankful to God that He has provided me opportunity to participate in Godly Play that was my experience to see God’s creation in a very beautiful way. I was deeply thankful to God to provide me beautiful gifts e.g air to breath, trees, plants, fruits and vegetables. I liked the day of rest because I do pray and worship God. I am highly thankful to become a part of Godly Play Story. Amon

Mercy Seat Salvation Presentation with Divisional Youth Officers and YP Local Officers

YP local officers participated in the Mercy Seat & Salvation Story. YP local officers were gathered from all over the territory in the discipleship seminar in which we have shared with them mercy seat & Salvation story. According to the participants it was the new way to look at the story specially on mercy seat. In response, they draw, write, prayed and went to the mercy seat.

Another group was Divisional Youth officers (DYOs) from all the around territory. In “I wonder” questions they shared that sometimes we do not preach & teach people about mercy seat. The preaching on mercy seat is essential. They have shared many comments which were thoughtful & insightful. they have discussed more ways to look at the significance of mercy seat in our and other’s life.


Uzma Ashiq

Children Ministry Coordinator