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Enabling Mission is a part of the Salvation Army UK THQ. We’re a group of people committed to helping others discover their place within God’s mission. You can read the Salvation Army’s privacy statement in full here.

This policy explains how we collect data, how we use and store information and what it means for you.

We treat all our users in line with our beliefs and we welcome any feedback on any of our actions. Just email us at


Who we are


Enabling Mission is a team at the Salvation Army’s territorial Headquarters in the UK. We run our own website as we have dynamic content such as videos, articles, podcasts and images that we want to share with others to inspire and encourage them in their missional context. Our registered office is at 101 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6BN and for the Republic of Ireland, The Salvation Army (Republic of Ireland) 114 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1.



What information do we collect?



Directly with us


We collect personal information when you engage with our website. For example through a contact form or by making a comment on a particular post.



From website interaction with us


We collect non-personal data such as IP addresses, details of pages visited and files downloaded. Website usage information is collected using cookies, see the section on Cookies below.



Where you give your permission to other organisations 


We may collect information that you make available on, for example, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or similar organisations. You may wish to check their privacy policy to find out more information on how they will process your data.



Sensitive Data


Where you provide the information, we may collect sensitive personal data, including, but not limited to, your religious beliefs, or your physical or mental health.



Our basis for collecting Data


  • Consent :We process your personal data on the basis of the consent you provided us with. You are free to change your preferences at any time by contacting us by post or email as shown in the section ‘Your choices and telling us when things change’ below.



What do we do with data?


We may use the personal data we collect to:

  • Reply and contact you directly if you have requested
  • Provide information you have requested
  • Provide a personalised service, such as customised website content or personalised emails



We might use your data to:

  • tell you about upcoming conferences or events
  • deliver digital advertising about Enabling Mission to you on social media websites such as Google and Facebook.



How and where we store your data

How long?


We will keep your personal information only for as long as we consider it necessary to carry out each activity. We take account of legal obligations and accounting and tax considerations as well as considering what would be reasonable for the activity concerned.

If you have any questions about our Data Retention please email to





We ensure that we have in place appropriate technical controls in place to protect any personal data you provide. For example, we ensure that any online forms are encrypted and our network is protected and routinely monitored.

We ensure that access to personal data is restricted only to those staff members whose job roles require such access and that suitable training is provided for these staff members.

We may make limited use from time to time of external companies to collect or process personal data on our behalf. When we do so, we carry out checks on these companies, put in place contracts to make sure our requirements are clear, and carry out periodic reviews. When we do use external companies, we remain responsible for the storing and processing of your personal data.

However, we need to remind you that despite all our efforts, the internet cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure, and that you submit data at your own risk.


We want you to know that we don’t share or swap your information with any other charities for them to send you marketing. That decision is informed by beliefs and by how important your privacy is to us.


We may need to pass on information if required by law or if a regulatory body, like HMRC, or the police ask us to.

Sometimes we use agents to help us with tasks such as managing the website. They are bound by contract to protect your data and we are still the ones responsible for keeping your data safe

Where we share your information


We want you to know that we don’t share your information with any organisations for them to send you marketing. That decision is informed by our beliefs and values and by how important your privacy is to us.



We may need to pass on information if required by law or if a regulatory body, like HMRC, or the police ask us to.

Sometimes we use agents to help us with tasks such as fulfilling orders or processing donations. They are bound by contract to protect your data and we are still the ones responsible for keeping your data safe.

Sometimes we give external companies information about the people using our website, to help us make sure the website is working well and to find out how we can improve it. But this information is both anonymous and delivered in bulk. We’ll only use IP address information to identify someone if we feel they may cause safety/security issues, or if we have to give this information by law.






Every time you visit our website, it sends us a cookie. Warm, crumbly and delicious? Sadly not. This is a text file that tells us about your visit. The information is all anonymous, so we’re told about your computer, not you. And when the data comes to us it’s bulked together with information from all the other visitors to our site. Cookies tell us, for example, about traffic data, location data, device information, the date and time people visit and the pages they visit.

Most major websites use cookies. You can find out more at or




To make the most of our website you should leave cookies turned on, otherwise you might not be able to see all of our lovely site.

Cookies help us:

  • customise what you see when you visit our site, and help us understand what would interest you
  • process any requests, applications or transactions
  • do our internal administration and analysis

You can turn off cookies on most browsers. To find out how, use the help function.

There are a few external companies that Gary works with who set cookies on our website. These cookies are mainly used for reporting and advertising so we can improve the way we communicate.

We use websites like Youtube and Vimeo to embed videos, and they may send you cookies too. We don’t control the setting of these cookies, so check those websites for more information.

Gary also uses companies like Google Analytics which use cookies.

You can opt out of Google’s tracking cookies any time you want. Google uses cookies to match adverts with your preferences so they’re more relevant to you. If you don’t want to see adverts from us based on that information, you can use Google’s Ad Personalisation Tool.

All information we get through Google’s cookies is anonymous, it just helps us understand how people use our website and which pages are more popular. If you don’t want Google to include you in this information, you can install the Google Analytics Opt Out Tool.

You can also visit the Digital Advertising Alliance website to personalise your advertising preferences.

As some of these services may be based outside of the UK and the European Union, they might not fall under the jurisdiction of UK courts. If you’re worried about that, you can change your cookie settings (see above). Or for more information, visit



Your choices and telling us when things change



If you want to change what we send you or how we contact you, just let us know – eg you can tell us you no longer want monthly content, or ask us to remove your account.

It’s really helpful if you keep your details with us up-to-date. Just get in touch and let us know if things change, using the same details (above).


At any time you can:

  • ask us to delete your personal data
  • limit how we keep and use your personal data
  • disagree with our reasons for keeping and using your personal data, eg where we have said we have a legitimate reason for processing it
  • disagree with automated decision making in online job applications and personalised marketing, where we build up a profile of you (see the section on ‘What do we do with it?’ above). If you don’t want us to use profiling we might not be able to send you the information you’d find most interesting or useful.
  • ask us to give you an electronic copy of the information we have about you so you can send it to another organisation (data portability)
  • ask to see what information we have about you. We’ll respond within one month.

If you do want to do any of the above, just get in touch and let us know.




Changes to Enabling Mission privacy policy



We last updated this policy in May 2018. We’ll amend this policy if there are any changes to how we do things or changes to data protection or other legislation. If we make any significant changes we’ll show you clearly on our website, in our publications or by writing to you.

Whenever you engage with us through our websites, social media, or email we’ll process your information as explained in this policy. When you provide your information, you’re agreeing to this policy. If you don’t agree, please don’t give us your data.

We’d love to hear from you with any feedback or questions.