Pioneering is an Adventure

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Pioneering is an adventure.
It’s a journey into the unknown, beyond the shores of familiarity. An ancient and constant call, hidden in tradition and released in the present, to open our eyes and find a new way of living. 
For us, it’s to march to the margins, to the edges of society. To seek out the forgotten, the broken and the lost. To let go of our fear and our failings and embrace our calling and conviction.
This is the time to be bold, this is the time to step up. 
Join a movement of daring dreamers and passionate believers – where risk and impossibility collide. A movement that etches into the fabric of every community Faith, Hope and Love. 
While injustice prevails and oppression bears on, the beat of this new drum will rise all the more. An Army will march; for the hurting and the fearful, for the rejected and the hopeless, for the hated and the addicted. An Army will march, and that Army is you.
Is God calling, or prompting you through this video, or the transcript to get engaged in something new, creative and ground breaking?  Why not speak further with your DMEs, or with Andrew and Andrea, Territorial Fresh Expressions Mission Enablers at usual SA email address. or