Discovering new ways of being church

Pioneer Map

FE:  A Fresh Expression is characterised by being Contextual, Missional, Formational and Ecclesial in line with the Fresh Expressions movement.

614:  Has an emphasis on intentionally favouring the urban poor.

Plant (P):  A new expression of the Salvation Army is often planted from another corps into an area where there has been no expression of a Salvation Army.

Pioneer Advocate (PA):  A person who has a wider role to help the denomination understand pioneering Fresh Expressions of the Salvation Army and its processes.  They also support local pioneers.

Pioneer Leader (PL):  Has undertaken a Pioneer Assessment and has been assessed to have the attributes of a Pioneer Leader.

Replant (RP):  These are where there was once a Salvation Army expression but it has been given a new lease of life and direction by pioneering a new way.

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Dussindale (P): 52.581700, 1.118280
Bedford Congress Hall - Intern (FE & PL): 52.146480, -0.445377
Bedford (Kempston) PL: 52.146480, -0.445377
Stamford – The Shack (FE and PL): 52.650834, -0.478729
Atherton PL: 53.523710, -2.493540
Bury RP: 53.595736, -2.288280
Farnworth FE: 53.550000, -2.400000
Oldham Fitton Hill 614: 53.550000, -2.083330
Openshaw 614: 53.476945, -2.178925
Manchester Project PL: 53.470708, -2.207198
Buckingham,: 51.999326, -0.987645
Sidmouth FE & PL: 50.689081, -3.234175
Dublin South P: 53.339280, -6.281314
Newtonards PL: 54.593300, -5.696100
Barking Riverside FE: 51.536586, 0.080521
Clapton PA: 51.559589, -0.058135
Dalston FE & PL: 51.542149, -0.072772
Ealing FE: 51.512820, -0.302300
Hayes RP: 51.515790, -0.423400
Stepney FE & PL: 51.516152, -0.046262
Stratford PL: 51.542000, 0.005000
Walthamstow PL: 51.588356, -0.015924
Borough of Lewisham FE & PL: 51.453550, -0.018000
Mitcham Plant FE & PA: 51.405652, -0.162361
Kirkby in Ashfield FE & PL: 53.099820, -1.243790
Nottingham Meadows P: 52.974203, -1.164711
Nottingham – Sneinton FE & PL: 52.951642, -1.138894
Aston – 614: 51.792852, -0.704265
Bootle PL: 53.466670, -3.016670
Liverpool Stoneycroft RP: 53.416670, -2.916670
Moreton pl: 53.400000, -3.116670
Strawberry Fields PL: 53.416670, -2.916670
Edinburgh City PL: 55.952060, -3.196480
Portobello & Tranent RP: 55.952900, -3.114560
Oban P: 56.409591, -5.467477
Easterhouse RP: 55.859818, -4.107084
Glasgow City Centre PA: 55.865150, -4.257630
Forest of Dean PA & P: 51.804790, -2.536470
Chatham - Roma FE: 51.356083, 0.529978
Gravesend - Roma FE: 51.441380, 0.373710
Margate – Roma FE: 51.378998, 1.393899
Aberdare FE: 51.716258, -3.446302
Fordingbridge FE & PL: 50.926800, -1.791700
Huddersfield PA: 53.649040, -1.784160
Leeds Bramley RP: 53.789944, -1.560632
Mirfield – Hungarian Fellowship FE & PL: 53.673909, -1.694565
Cortonwood FE: 53.511722, -1.377530
Mirfield: 53.680122, -1.696713
Fresh Expressions
Pioneer Leaders

Andrew Vertigan’s Blog

Andrew Vertigan is the Pioneer/Fresh Expressions Mission Enabler for the UKTI. He frequently blogs his personal journey across the territory, so click the image to check out his latest blog posts.

Useful Websites

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We’re excited to share videos from across the Territory where Fresh Expressions has been started. From youth projects in Stamford to coffee shops in Farnsworth, it’s an exciting time for the Salvation Army in the UK. Feel free to share the video to inspire, challenge and inform others.

Pioneering is an adventure

Produced to help communicate the vision and mission of pioneering, this poem and visual narrative helps to paint the picture of the Salvation Army’s mission and calling. Click for transcript.

Starting a Fresh Expression – Lewisham Borough

Dave and Cerys Cotteril have begun the journey of a Fresh Expression in their local community of Depford. Watch their challenging and inspiring video as they share the the early stages of listening to God and the community.

Armada Spasy – Roma Community

In recent years an incredible movement of Salvation Army churches have been planted across the South east of England. Each one is reaching out to the Czech Roma community in a powerful way.

Church at the Crossroads – Selby

Ian and Paula Haylett moved to the Salvation Army in Selby in 2007 and joined a small corps in the centre of the town. Led and inspired by God, they began to listen to the one of the nearby communities. This is the story of what happened next.

The Shack – Stamford

Following discussions with a local youth worker, the corps officers identified a need for developing church for young people in the area. As a result The Shack came in to existence, seeking to serve and reach a generation who are often disengaged with  mainstream church.

Coffee and charity shop – Farnworth

After years of prayer, Farnworth corps were given a building right in the town centre. From this key location, they’re been exploring what church looks like through their cafe and charity shop space.

Church planting – Kirkby in Ashfield

Major Denise McGarvey has recently moved into the area of Kirkby in Ashfield. With experience in church planting, Denise shares the early journey of starting a new salvation army in the area, and the importance of living and sharing in community.

Coffee shop – Stoke Newington

We visit a café in London’s Stoke Newington where a new Salvation Army corps is springing into life. Local corps officers in Clapton, Captains Karl and Ruth Gray, oversee the café which is situated in an old night club premises on Church Street. It is a fresh expression of The Salvation Army attracting a wide variety of people..