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May 4th-7th: Passionate Believers Daring Dreamers

We are thrilled to be able to announce that all the main speakers are now confirmed for this years Pioneer Gathering.  The format, hope and desire for this event is that it will not only be the most diverse gathering of people wanting to explore pioneering but will also be a significant gathering of people wanting to push deeper into God and His desire to see the Kingdom grow on earth as it is in heaven.

There will be three streams as part of this event.  Stream 1 is for those people who are wanting to start something new or are being asked to consider doing something new.  Stream 2 will be for all those people whos primary role is to support pioneering mission.  Stream 3 is for those people who are already actively engaged in pioneering and exploring the edges of society.  We will also all gather together for sung worship, prayer and teaching each day.  This is a direct result of feedback received and will we pray take us deeper into Gods presence during our time gathered together.

We have as our main speakers Commissioner Gill Cotterill, Jo Simpson, Andrea Campanele and Trevor Hutton.  Nik King and his team will lead worship.  (Bios of speakers etc can be found on the Facebook Pioneer Page, if you are not a member just request admittance and I will do this)

We also have leaders coming to join with us from Denmark, Holland, Norway and Sweden this year as momentum to grow this across Europe increases.

Places are likely to be very tight and limited this year so please request and or book your places through your DHQ team.

If you need any more information then please feel free to contact myself

Commissioner Gill is the Territorial Leader for Leader Development in the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland having taken up the appointment on 1st August 2018.  She with her husband Anthony became Salvation Army officers in 1984 and has served in various appointments in the UK including Assistant Principal of William Booth College, eight years in Divisional leadership of the then London South East division, and corps and youth work

Jo Simpson Is the District Evangelism Enabler and has worked across the District for the past seven years supporting churches and Christian communities to be challenged in their thinking and discipleship beyond the confines of inherited church models.

Revd Trevor Hutton is a Lecturer in Practical Theology and Missiology at NTC and Executive Director of Momentum UK. Trevor partners with a range of denominations, including the Salvation Army and runs Forge training HUBS in England in the North West, North East, South East, South West, and the Midlands.

Andrea Campanele is Pioneer Network Developer for the Church Mission Society.  Andrea passionate that our spirituality makes a difference to our own lives and the lives of others. I have created community of people who are working to do the same and are finding creative ways to express their love for humanity and hope in the divine.