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Use the links below to access the recordings and presentations from the Pioneer Gathering 2019. If you’d like to find out more, contact Andrew Vertigan.

Bishop Ric Thorpe

Bishop Ric Thorpe shared in our first session together his journey and experience of Pioneering and helps us reflect on the question ‘Why is Pioneering essential for the Church moving forward?’

A Theological Perspective of Pioneering

In the first of the teaching sessions, Trevor Hutton helps us to explore what Pioneering is through the lens of Theology. With quotes from Moltmann, Volf and Cray, Trevor helps to give an overview of Missio Trinitatis.

A Biblical Perspective of Pioneering

In the Tuesday morning session, Trevor explored whether there is an ecclesiastical  model that can be drawn from the biblical narrative, and questions how this informs or shapes pioneering movements, centres and issues.

Lucy Moore

Through story, scripture and experience Lucy helps to unpack what it means to Pioneer ‘messily’.

Mark Berry

Pioneer Leader of safespace, Fresh Expressions Enabler for Birmingham Diocese

Pioneering Stories

In this session Pioneer leaders from the Salvation Army shared a glimpse into their experiences and practices in their local pioneering context.

A historical perspective of Pioneering

In the third of the teaching sessions, Trevor Hutton helps us explore how Pioneering has featured throughout history, with a particular focus on the monastic and new monastic movements.

Jo Simpson

Christian Communities in Conversation is a District Evangelism Project. It is currently at the development stage, with a plan for the first pilot groups to be starting in early 2018. Initially, we will be facilitating the formation of 16 people in a new way of faith conversation, those 16 people will then practice their new skills in their own contexts and go on eventually to facilitate others.

Simon Scott

Director of Christian Youth Ministries (CYM); a Christian charity working with children and young people in Ipswich, Suffolk (UK). Working closely with local churches and schools to provide School Chaplaincy, as well as providing a residential project for primary school aged children.

Pioneer Stories part 2

In the second part of the pioneer stories, we hear more of the Salvation Army’s pioneering work across the territory.

A Cultural perspective of Pioneering

In the final session of the teaching, Trevor Hutton shares insight on the culture impact and significance for pioneering new ways of being church in the 21st Century.