NCD – It’s a matter of principle (a review of the 10th NCD conference)

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The 10th annual NCD support weekend was held at the King’s Park Centre in Northampton.

As is the case each year the weekend offered an opportunity for folk to share something of their own ‘NCD story’ from both a Corps and personal perspective. Some people were there for the first time wanting to explore the potential of  NCD and they formed the basis of the introductory stream with the hope that they would return home convinced as to the value of NCD and, as a consequence, they would seek to persuade their Corps to engage fully with NCD.

“A principle oriented approach”

In the opening session the group were invited to reflect on the ‘natural’ principles of NCD that were, in reality, principles in place and at work throughout the whole of God’s creation. “Look! Look! Look deep into nature and you will understand all things” declared Albert Einstein. He wasn’t wrong.

NCD is “a principle oriented approach” to life, principles identified through a study of nature, the scriptures and extensive research conducted across the worldwide church. NCD principles are universally valid, applicable to every expression of God’s mission, they deal with the essential aspects of discipleship and they allow for individual expression from each gathered group of God’s people, irrespective of size, shape or structure.

The principles that are the bedrock of NCD’s approach to life as God has intended are at work in every expression of God’s mission, whether or not we use the NCD labels. What NCD offers is a logical process that offers a focus which will result in more and more experience of all that God wants to do for us and through us. The principles are truly ‘life releasing’ principles. So it isn’t a question of why should a church / corps explore and experience the potential of NCD but rather why shouldn’t they.

Much more can be said but that must wait for another time.

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