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Grace of Giving: Money and the Gospel

Think the hottest topics in the Bible are things like healing and prayer? You might be surprised to hear that there are more references to money than to either of these activities throughout the Scriptures. That’s because God knows how important it is to us! If you say you are a Christian and you’ve given God your life, surely that has to have an impact on how you use your money and how you give.


Written as part of a national generosity movement, BeScrooged is being used in churches across the country to start a dialogue about how to employ generosity in our daily lives. Each week, the authors introduce us to a new theme. Each day of the week comes with a biblical reading and commentary, followed by questions for thought and discussion and a real-world “BeScrooged Activity” designed to help participants connect the chapter’s insights to their own lives. The ultimate destination? An Ebenezer-like “full-life generosity” that encompasses how we deploy our worldly goods, emotional resources, and physical and spiritual energies.

Generosity: Moving Toward Life that is Truly Life

Gordon MacDonald’s Generosity: The Secret to True Life devotional is a 28-day journey into Biblical generosity. For four weeks, each participant reads a daily reflection and is encouraged to imitate the generosity of God — the first and most generous Giver. This study walks through the giving of the early church, the struggles of generosity and the joy of following God’s plan.
Churches have found this a valuable resource for infusing generosity throughout their congregations. Small group guides, videos, and sermon outlines are available with this book. Contact GenerousChurch at or visit their website at

Living Stewards: Various

Being a steward is about how you live your life and express your values to others. Faithful followers of Jesus live shalom by living in harmony with others and the world. We are called to live as generous creatures created by a generous God who shares responsibility with us for all creation – to live stewardship.

The book series covers adults, young adults, daily life, multiage, older youth, youth, young children, older children, new church participants, worship, music and arts.