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Youth Bible Study Guide: Money and Giving

Think the hottest topics in the Bible are things like healing and prayer? You might be surprised to hear that there are more references to money than to either of these activities throughout the Scriptures. That’s because God knows how important it is to us! If you say you are a Christian and you’ve given God your life, surely that has to have an impact on how you use your money and how you give.


Written as part of a national generosity movement, BeScrooged is being used in churches across the country to start a dialogue about how to employ generosity in our daily lives. Each week, the authors introduce us to a new theme. Each day of the week comes with a biblical reading and commentary, followed by questions for thought and discussion and a real-world “BeScrooged Activity” designed to help participants connect the chapter’s insights to their own lives. The ultimate destination? An Ebenezer-like “full-life generosity” that encompasses how we deploy our worldly goods, emotional resources, and physical and spiritual energies.

Open Hands Open Hearts

Open Hands Open Heart traces a journey of discovery, following two interwoven stories. One is the story of God’s abundant, generous grace, from Genesis to Revelation, and how God teaches his people to express their love through giving. The other is the story of a young pastor, his family and church, as step by step they discover God’s amazing generosity, and learn to let go and give to others, as God gives to us. Read, be blessed, and learn to bless others.

Seasons of Giving

Generosity is at the heart of the Christian faith – part of our design plan from our ever–giving God. Generosity sparked Creation, fuelled Salvation and is intrinsic to any understanding of the Trinity. The choice to share and live selflessly for the benefit of others is one of the defining characteristics of the Christian life. Yet do we fully understand what that means for us in our day–to–day lives?

SEASONS Of GIVING is a great opportunity to be re–inspired by the value of generosity, and not just the financial variety. These two complementary four–part studies explore the rich variety of generosity in the Bible and how it can help us to live our lives with a generous heart.