Intercultural Mission Conference

The aim of this gathering is to draw Salvationists from around the UK who are passionate about intercultural mission. The vision is to see a gathering that is representative of our multi cultural territory, to listen and learn as to how we sing God’s song in this different and ever changing land. With a great selection of key note speakers and seminar leaders, this will prove to be a not to be missed gathering


28 February – 1 March 2020


Venue: TBC



An annual conference that explores the reality of the community and culture our people live in, so that ministry might become more effective. Attendance is invitation only, with nominations being recommended by DHQ.


13-16th January 2020

High Leigh, Hoddesdon

Pioneer Gathering

A joint conference where those who are looking to begin their journey as Pioneers can interact with those who are experienced and able to share their stories.


May 4th – 7th 2020


Venue: The Hayes, Swanwick


Crossing the Divide

A conference for local officers aimed at finding effective ways to lessen the impact of the ‘sacred secular divide’ on the everyday witness of God’s people.


13 – 15 March 2020

Venue: Kings Park, Northampton 

Godly Play

Three Day Accredited Training Course

Please contact

Sport and Christianity (24)

An opportunity to explore a variety of ways to play our part in God’s Mission.


20 – 21st June 2020



University Park, Nottingham

Natural Church Development

A weekend that aims to offer support to corps who have embarked on the NCD approach to ministry and mission.

This event is also open to those wanting to give serious consideration to NCD. This is an invitation only conference, with nominations being advised through your DHQ.


15 – 17 May 2020

Venue: tbc

Preparing to Preach



A weekend conference that offers training to non-officer personnel who cover meetings within their corps, home division or as part of their work.


16 -18 October 2020



Venue:King’s Park, Northampton