Crossing the Divide Conference 2018

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Have you ever wondered how your behaviour at work reflects in your relationships with your colleagues or thought about how you interact with those you meet on the high street? For some this is a frightening thought, but until you are aware of it, most of us have no idea of how we influence or how the words and actions we use can affect those that we come into contact with in our daily environment. Indeed most Christians don’t even consider how they can take God with them from their time of worship on a Sunday into their weekly activities. As people of God, isn’t that something that we should do naturally?

During the recent ‘Crossing the Divide’ event led by Major Noel Wright and the Enabling Mission Team, delegates were encouraged to look again at how they become the example of a ‘God-filled’ life by taking the ‘sacred’ into the ‘secular’.

Using research provided by the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity and incorporating biblical teaching from Colossians and the Gospel of John, Noel led the group through how we take ‘sacred’ teaching into our ‘secular’ life, ensuring that there is no gap between the two.  One of the examples used told the story of a school teacher whose church prayed for the work she carried out for one hour in the Sunday school but didn’t think to include the school that she worked in Monday to Friday or the children that she was in contact with every day.

LICC research tells us that around 50% of church goers say they have never heard a sermon on the subject of work. Indeed, it goes on to state that 98% of Christians have neither been envisioned nor equipped for mission in 95% of their waking lives. How sad when the majority of our life is lived out in the world with those who have never heard of Christ.

One delegate told us that when she had started a new job she invited others to join her for lunch and that she sparked conversations with colleagues in the office. After a while, one of her work colleagues’ told her that this had only commenced after her arrival and that she had been the catalyst to changing the atmosphere within their work environment. ‘I didn’t realise the influence that you have when you speak and mix with those outside church’, she said. ‘I didn’t realise that I could be a cohesive force in the office’.

Another delegate admitted that she hadn’t thought about how she portrayed herself when she walked down the street. ‘I didn’t think about the way I speak to those I meet when I’m in the supermarket or walking down the street. I’ll react differently now’.

In Colossians we read “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord….It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”

As those who attended this event have come to recognise, when we are at work, at school, walking down the street  or talking to the neighbours, we should always remember that Christ led by example in everything He did, regardless of who he was speaking to or mixing with. If in everything that we do, we set out to become the example of Christ and remember that we are serving God at all times, we too can become shining lights within our communities, towns and cities; the people that show God working in the everyday.

So, how about crossing that divide? Try it today – live out God’s word all week, not just on Sunday!