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WHEN I was in my early twenties I was challenged and provoked not only to explore pastures new in terms of my physical living location but also to wrestle with the implications of what God was saying and doing in my life as a young Christian.

One of those discoveries of faith was achieved by being part of a small group that journeyed through the original NOOMA series featuring Rob Bell. This was a series of short films that took a fresh and compelling look at the teachings of Jesus. This style of teaching and questioning really helped me discover Jesus in a simple yet profound way and impacted me like never before.

As a result of this, when I started my new role last year, one of my key objectives and passions was to create and produce a series of high-quality, engaging and contemporary discipleship videos as a wide-reaching tool for sports ministry, because, as Mandela put it, ‘Sport speaks to youth in a language they understand.’

I’m sure you will agree that there is a need to disciple and connect with people who have ordinary, everyday searching questions about life and we can do this by using sporting themes to explore this in a deep, meaningful way, providing opportunities for people to search, question and join in discussions as they journey together.

The videos are six to seven minutes long and focus on a number of key issues in relation to sport and fitness, accompanied by small-group questions to allow people to discuss, debate and develop together. Each video features a narrative provided by seven different presenters, and runs alongside visual stories that have been filmed at different locations across the United Kingdom featuring professional elite sportsmen and women.

This style of sports communication will fit well within existing Salvation Army structures and events – for example café churches, sporty gatherings, summer schools, small house groups and beyond.

The idea was to road test the videos in advance of the launch in September, therefore one toolkit of videos was sent to each summer school this year to provide a tool for volunteers looking after the sports streams.

  • Rob Moye

This summer I had the pleasure of journeying alongside the sports ministry students at the East and West Scotland summer school. Sport wouldn’t be my natural choice and so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was told I would be helping with the sports option.


From the very first evening, I knew this week would be about much more than just sport – it would be about our discipleship. It focused on living our lives for Jesus, through sport and play and taking that into our everyday lives.

I was excited for the week and knew God would work in the lives of the young people. But God didn’t just work in their lives, he worked in mine too – a normal young man, with a little bit of interest in sport. That’s what is great about the Athlos resource: it can reach anyone, at whatever level.

Many of the topics and themes spoke to me throughout the week: Image – when I look in the mirror do I see who I wish I was or the person God made me to be? And does my brand reflect Christ? Teamwork – is there a team I’m involved in, through sport, work or church where I could work better in the team, where we could recognise each other’s strengths and weaknesses so that we could work better together?

My experience of Athlos has opened my mind to the amazing opportunities and impact that discipleship – experienced and lived out through sport and play – could have in our communities.

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